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Lunden Abelson, LPC, BC-DMT
Contact: Lunden@seedsofpotential.com, (267)571-9037, www.seedsofpotential.com
Offering: Private Practice, Supervision
Populations and Specialty areas: Sexual and domestic violence, trauma, anxiety, autism, substance abuse, children, adults, families
Location: West Philadelphia


Jacelyn Biondo, MA, BC-DMT, LPC

Contact: jacelynbiondo@gmail.com

Offering: BC-DMT Supervision and LPC Supervision

Populations and Specialty areas: Adults and Adolescents, Schizophrenia, General Psych, Dual Diagnosis, Addiction and Recovery


Lindsay Edwards, MA, BC-DMT, LPC

Contact: LM624@drexel.edu

Offering: BC-DMT Supervision and LPC Supervision​

Populations and Specialty Areas: Trauma, PTSD, Dual Diagnosis, Domestic Violence


Cynthia Jones, LPC, BC-DMT, ACS

Contact: cynjon59@gmail.com or (215)901-1538

Offering: Group, Individual and Triadic Supervision, Consultation, Individual therapy, Dance/movement Group Therapy: "Moving from a Body of Knowledge"

Location: Fairmount, South Street, Old City


Emily McKinney, MA, BC-DMT, LPC

Contact: Glenn70@gmail.com

Offering: BC-DMT Supervision

Populations and Specialty Areas: Adult In-Patient Psychiatric, Chronic and Acute Mental Illness, Geriatric and Older Adults, Grief and Loss, Trauma Recovery Empowerment Model 

Location: Philadelphia


Melissa Nedza, MA, BC-DMT 

Contact: danceforpeace76@gmail.com or (610)787-2907

Offering: Supervision with a focus on the Adult Mental Health Population

Populations and Specialty areas: Individuals, Young Adult to Older Adults with Mood Disorders, Anxiety Disorders, Schizophrenia, Substance Related Disorders, and Individuals who experience Chronic Pain

Location: Philadelphia


Ashley Rakay, MA, BC-DMT, LPC

Contact: ashleyrakay@gmail.com

Offering: BC-DMT Supervision, LPC Supervision

Populations and Specialty areas: Children and adolescents with ASD

Location: Philadelphia

Morgan Rakay, MA, LPC, BC-DMT

Contact: jmorganrakay@gmail.com

Offering: Group supervision,  BC-DMT and LPC supervision

Populations and Specialty Areas: infants, children and adults, trauma, medical complexities, palliative care, advanced care planning and values-based medical decision making, CBT / TF-CBT, ADHD, Autism spectrum

Locations: Philadelphia, Main Line


Amberlee Venti, MA, BC-DMT, LPC

Contact: woods.amberlee@gmail.com or (215)475-2141

Offering: Supervision specific to Community Mental Health

Location: Philadelphia Area






Sara Moore-Hines, BC-DMT, LCP, NCC, MCAT

Contact: sarimamh@aol.com

Location: Drexel Hill, PA







Karen DeHaven, MA, BC-DMT, LPC

Owner and director, AHA! Studio for Integrated Therapies LLC

Contact:  karen@ahastudiotherapy.com or (267)-261-3779

Offering: BC-DMT and LPC supervision (group and individual), Private Practice

Populations and Specialty areas: Children, families, and women, childhood trauma, Autism, Anxiety, emotional and behavioral issues due to medical complexities

Adina Rosenberg, MCAT, BC-DMT, LPC

Contact: adinajrosenberg@gmail.com or (215)431-3111

Offering: Supervision, Private Practice, Reviewing Essay prior to applying for BC-DMT credentials

Populations and Specialty areas: Children and Adults, Autism, Co-occurring disorders, many other populations.

Location: Lower Bucks County-close to Philadelphia and New Jersey







Jill Comins, MA, BC-DMT, LPC
Contact: dmtjill@gmail.com
Offering: BC-DMT Supervision 
Populations and Specialty Areas: Mindfulness-based approaches in Therapy
Location: Abington, PA, just North of Center City Philadelphia

Rebekka Dieterich-Hartwell, MA, BC-DMT, LPC
Contact: rebekka.hartwell@gmail.com
Offering: BC-DMT Supervision and LPC Supervision
Populations and Specialty Areas: Adults and Adolescents, Trauma, General Psych 
Location: Philadelphia, Montgomery County


Dawn Morningstar, MA, BC-DMT, NCC, LPC

Contact: dawnmorningstar4@gmail.comOffering: BC-DMT Supervision

Populations and Specialty areas: Children and Adolescents

Location: Bryn Mawr

Elizabeth McNamara, MA, BC-DMT, LPC, NCC

Contact: bmcnamara3@gmail.com or (215)913-0839

Offering: Private Practice, LPC and BC-DMT Supervision (group and individual)

Populations and Specialty Areas: Trauma, Mood Disorders

Location: Center City Philadelphia and Surrounding Suburbs







Kaitlyn Clark, MA, BC-DMT

Contact: kaitlynclark319@gmail.com
BC-DMT supervision. 
Population and Specialty areas: Currently providing services to adolescents residing in residential program in NJ with histories/diagnoses including trauma/PTSD, ADHD, ODD, juvenile sex offenses, and mood disorders. Past populations include adolescent/adult women with eating disorders; adults residing in inpatient care with severe/chronic mental illness; adult males with histories of substance use and homelessness. 
Location: Philadelphia and southern NJ. 


Amanda Gerke, MA, LPC, BC-DMT
Contact: Doyle.AmandaL@gmail.com
Offering: BC-DMT Supervision
Populations and Specialty areas: Children and Adolescents with Autism, ADHD, ODD, Anxiety, Depression, Adjustment D/O, Self-harm, Trauma, Adults with Schizophrenia
Location: Philadelphia, South Jersey


Christine Hopkins, MA, BC-DMT, LPC (Penna), LCAT, CGP

Contact: (856) 265-9815 cell/text or DancingSmart@yahoo.com

Offering: Clinical Supervision/Consultation for the BC-DMT, Creative Arts Therapists, Counselors/Psychotherapists

Populations and Specialty areas: Multicultural competencies, Inpatient/Outpatient Psychiatric settings, Geriatrics/Dementia, Developmentally Disabled, Interdisciplinary Communications, Work Politics/Institutional Transference, Movement Observations/Analysis/Replication/Interventions, Expressive/Choreographic Interventions, Writing for Publication mentoring

Location: South New Jersey and Philadelphia area

Kristin Pollock, MA, BC-DMT, LPC, ACS

Contact: kristance@yahoo.com or (856)313-3160

Offering: BC-DMT Supervision, LPC Supervision

Populations and Specialty areas: Children, Adolescents, Young Adults, Trauma, Behavioral Disorders, Developmental Disabilities, Autism, Residential Treatment

Location: Southern New Jersey


Suzanne Hastie, MA, BC-DMT, NCC, LPC, KMP Analyst

Contact: suzannehastie@aol.com/ 610-417-0831

Offering: Private Practice and Supervision to those pursuing BC-DMT, LPC, or anyone interested in applying KMP in their work

Populations and Specialty areas: People of all ages interested in emotional health, wellness, & personal growth

Location:  Allentown






Dawn Penney, MA, BC-DMT, NCC, LPC, CCTP, RYT
Contact: dawn@villagetherapy.com
Offering: Private Practice
Populations and Specialty areas: Anxiety, Depression, Trauma, Chronic Pain, Eating Disorders, Body Image Issues, Adjustment Disorders
Location: Pittsburgh


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