Our Board Members:


Adina Rosenberg, MCAT, BC-DMT, LPC

Specialization: Clinical supervision, reviewing BC-DMT application essays prior to submission, children, teens, adults.

Loves: My husband of 25 years and my son and daughter

Job Duties: Preside at meetings, coordinate work of all committees, present chapter summary in annual report, act as liaison to national ADTA association

Contact: paadta.president@gmail.com


Amy R. Hunter, MA, BC-DMT, LPC

Specialization: Individual and group therapy for children and adolescents with emotional and/or behavioral disturbances and children on the Autistic Spectrum.

Loves: Dogs, skittles, dance parties, Breaking Bad, seafood, being introduced to new music, Anthropologie, the beach, hot showers, road trips, feeling organized, hugs, Fridays, and contagious laughter

Job Description: Maintain all financial records, manage bank account, prepare and submit budget

Contact: paadta.treasury@gmail.com

Public Relations

Rebekka Dieterich-Hartwell, PhD, BC-DMT, LPC

Specialization: Trauma, eating disorders, refugee work

Loves: dancing, art, music (singing and playing the piano), gardening, my family

Job Description: Monitor facebook and instagram inquiries and post upcoming events on social media sites, maintain website, prepare press releases

Contact: paadta.publicrelations@gmail.com

Nominating Committee

Morgan Chambers, MA, LPC, BC-DMT

Specialization: Children, voice hearers/schizophrenia, trauma, medically involved / medical DMT, palliative, CBT, motivational interviewing.

Loves: Being outside, hiking, kayaking, biking, my cats, visiting my hometown, karaoke, and being silly


Lauren Cunkelman, MA, R-DMT, LPC, NCC

Specializations: Autism Spectrum Disorder, children, adolescents and families

Loves: Utah, North Carolina and Pittsburgh, PA, my dog Roscoe, warm weather, being outside and Orangetheory Fitness

Job Duties: Keep record of proceedings, maintain membership roster, e-mail correspondence, quarterly summaries of chapter happenings.

Contact: paadta.secretary@gmail.com


Program Coordinator

Jacelyn Biondo, PhD, BC-DMT, LPC

Specialization: Adults with Schizophrenia, De-escalation and Violence Prevention.

Loves: Dancing with my patients at work, slow dancing with my husband in my kitchen, the running man, restorative yoga, my garden, and weed-whacking

Job Duties: Coordinate workshops, learning opportunities, and Continuing Education for the PA ADTA membership and beyond

Contact: paadta.programming@gmail.com

Government Affairs Liason

Elizabeth McNamara, MA, BC-DMT, LPC, NCC

Specialization: Working with individual and couples through life transitions, relationship issues, and trauma.

Loves: Playing in nature , traveling, chocolate,

a dance floor

Job Description: Resource regarding PA legislation, work in liaison with National GAC chairperson

Contact: paadta.governmentaffairs.com


Nominating Committee

Allie Linn, MA, R-DMT

Specialization: Adolescents and children with autism spectrum disorder, adults with mood disorders.

Loves: Dancing, choreographing, hiking and going on adventures with my partner and dog! 

Job Description: Prepare a slate of officers, accept nominations from membership, prepare and distribute ballots


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