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Board Meeting Minutes

Previous Meetings:









Most Recent Meeting, 6/4/2020 

PA ADTA Board Meeting June 4, 2020 8:00pm EST


In Attendance: Adina Rosenberg (President), Amy Hunter (Treasurer), Lauren Cunkelman (Secretary),  Jacelyn Biondo (Programming Coordinator), Rebekka Dieterich-Hartwell (Public Relations), Beth McNamara (Government Relations), Allie Linn (Nominations), Kathryn Lodwick, Sonya Budnovitch, Maria Gismondi, Kaitlyn Clark, Aditi Trivedi


Regrets: Morgan Rakay (Nominations), Dawn Morningstar (MAL)


Opening Remarks:

  • President thanks Board for communication and charge for action


Public Relations Report:

  • Rebekka cannot access the chapter Facebook page - tech support

    • has tried multiple attempts and multiple avenues to regain access

    • will contact Facebook directly for remedy

    • Lauren Cunkelman offered to assist if possible

  • Rebekka is keeping website updated with ADTA shared resources and chapter statement


Government Affairs:

  • Collaborating with Committee on Approval in review of power of privilege

  • No direct updates for tonight


President Report:

  • Discussion around clarifying chapter communications

    • Jacelyn mentioned including information on clarifying to the membership which Board member handles what responsibilities and contact information to make Board members more easily accessible

      • This is something to include on the website as well

      • Conversation occurred around creating separate Gmail accounts for each Board member using a template format to limits

      • Treasurer already has their own “

      • Kathryn Lodwick mentioned that this would make succession planning and information sharing more cohesive and streamlined

      • Will be stored in the Google Doc with accounts and passwords, Lauren will add a tab for email account information

    • 1.) Monthly E-blast of links, resources, events, etc. (distributed by Lauren)

    • 2.) Newsletter to highlight, inform, further engage members

      • Historically under PR report

      • Allie is offering to write a newsletter with a more in-depth focus - this is approved by the Board

    • 3.) ADTA national newsletter submission

      • Historically PR should create content, Secretary should take notes and disseminate information

      • MAL should reach out to President who will write a feature or can delegate to another member if necessary

      • This will be the process moving forward

  • MDC Liaison

    • Chapter should locally recruit a MDC liaison who will collaborate with national MDC committee

      • This person does not currently need to be a member of the MDC, but needs to be willing to join the MDC

    • Chapter needs to decide if this should be an elected or appointed position

      • Needs to be addressed in bylaws and bylaws cannot be changed without a membership vote

      • Jacelyn proposes an appointed position for this reason - Board expressed agreement

    • Recruits and Interest:

      • Maria Gismondi offers to be involved, due to previous interest

      • Call for other interested parties

      • Board will move forward with determining more candidates and will get approval from Charné Furcron

      • Secretary can put email out in regards for looking for candidates for an appointed MDC liaison

  • Diversity and Inclusion

    • Call for concrete steps for action and moving forward

    • ADTA action steps (can be seen on social media and communication to members):

      • Resources: books, websites, articles

      • Sending letters to leaders and legislators

    • Ideas for PA ADTA:

      • Programming:

        • Jacelyn has been prioritizing this in programming (trauma panel, multicultural panel)

        • Jacelyn was still wanting to bring in Ebony Nichols but now is not the time. We are not wanting to ask people of color to do the work or educate white members at this point in time

        • Very important that she is the next presenter when the time is right

        • Programming needs to continue to lift up people of color to share their work

        • Bring in clearly anti-racist resources

      • Listening space:

        • Can the PA ADTA chapter offer a listening space for members of color?

        • ADTA did host this for Black DMT’s on 6/3/2020 and hopes to continue to offer weekly for 90 minutes ongoing

        • PA ADTA does not want to duplicate events that are currently happening, Jacelyn will continue to keep Adina informed

        • Secretary could possibly send to chapter members with CLEAR guidelines as to the purpose - can even be sent directly to Black members - can reach out to other Philadelphia DMTs and Drexel Alums

        • Board members can send names to secretary and secretary needs to gather email addresses for this outreach through website

      • Aditi suggested a group for members of color as a holding space - worked well while she was in school

      • Performance club: be more conscious of selecting multiculturally competent performances

      • Annual Raffle: be more conscious of including black and brown owned businesses in the annual raffle, and also businesses that serve black and brown members


Treasury Report:

  •  Taxes are due in July

  • Annual report is due in June


Secretary Report:

  • was covered in newsletter discussion above


Programming Report:

  • was covered in discussion above


MAL Report:

  • Not Present


General Membership was dismissed for Board discussion regarding election results.


Nominations Report:

  • Allie Lin reviewed results from election

  • Nominations committee will reach out directly to those selected, confirm acceptance


Next Board Meeting: TBA in September

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