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Most Recent Meeting, 1/27/2020

PA ADTA Board Meeting January 27, 2020 8:30pm EST

In Attendance: Adina Rosenberg (President), Dawn Morningstar (Eastern MAL), Jacelyn Biondo (Programming), Valerie Weikers (PA member, Pittsburgh), Rebekka Dieterich-Hartwell (Public Relations), Morgan Rakay (Nominations), Lauren Cunkelman (Secretary), Beth McNamara (GAC)

Regrets: Allie Linn (Nominations), Amy Hunter (Treasurer)

Nominations Report:

  • ●  Gearing up for March - official nominations ballot

  • ●  Starter slate is collected

    o Half of the positions have 2 people interested - half of them have 1 person interested

    o February will be for reaching out to members and solidifying interests

    o Increased list of individuals to reach out to

  • ●  Voting occurs in May

  • ●  Bylaws surrounding Nominations Committee forming and involvement

  • ●  Discussion surrounding involving more recent graduates

    o Email list at colloquium for interest and outreach purposes o Preferably non-Drexel email addresses
    o Allows for consent to contact

    MAL Report:

  • ●  Drexel Colloquium - Wednesday June 10, 2020

    o Different format from previous years
    o Community members still invited as of now
    o Discuss with Christina re: her vision for the event

  • ●  National Board Nominations

  • ●  Multicultural and Diversity Committee

    o Looking to find liaisons from each chapter

    o Parameters will be set and sent to the membership

  • ●  North Carolina Chapter

    o Founders Retreat Weekend

    o Bonding, reflecting on Founders’ work, movement, etc.

  • ●  New home office and staff

    o Working on transition and streamlining processes

  • ●  New website development!

    o ADTA o DMTCB

● CEU events from National will be forthcoming within the next few months ● Montreal

o Submit proposals
o Regional Caucuses
o Chapter Leaders meeting

Programming Report:

  • ●  Embodiment and Trauma Panel:

    • ○  Number of people in attendance: 34

    • ○  Music Therapy MA students are interested in being added to our email list for

      future learning opportunities

    • ○  Some Drexel Music Therapy students were in attendance and approached me

      following the panel inquiring about future events

    • ○  We should have marketed better to the Drama Therapy network

    • ○  Finances:

      • Output: $400 for presenters (plus some money for the mixer snacks)

      • Revenue: $570

      • This is the second CE Event in which we have grossed revenue.

    • ○  We received very positive responses on evaluations

  • ●  Holiday Party:

    • ○  Number of people in attendance: 30

    • ○  Raffle Income: $322

  • ●  Spring 2020 CE Event:

    • ○  Jacelyn is in discussion with Robyn Cruz to do a CE event in May. She is at Lesley for Graduation on May 16t​ h​, could be here for a CE Sunday May 17t​ h

    • ○  Update: Robyn suggested a virtual workshop rather than in-person due to expenses needed to have her present in person.

      • Jacelyn calculated estimated fees for the trip for Robyn and it would cost approximately $1000 to bring her in for an event.

        • ●  $400 Flight from Boston to PHL, PHL to ABQ

        • ●  $150 Hotel in Boston 1 night

        • ●  $150 Hotel in PHL 1 night

        • ●  $300 Presentation Fee

      • Jacelyn emailed Lora Wilson to inquire about the logistics of a virtual presenter. Attendees will still meet in person at Drexel, we will Zoom Robyn in for the presentation. Will update with response from Lora. *Update 1/13/20: Lora responded that we can provide this type of CE as a live Zoom event. We can host people at Drexel together and Zoom Robyn in and offer it remotely to those who cannot be present.

  • Topic of interest for Robyn: Research-based presentation

    • ●  Concerns were raised about clinical content of presentation

    • ●  Jacelyn offered suggestions on how to bridge the gap between

      research and practice

  • Zoom meeting will allow more inclusivity, due to low overhead cost,

    therefore lower cost to attend workshop

  • Jacelyn will confirm dates with Robyn and consult Drexel calendar,

    religious holidays, etc.

● Possibly April 18-19 or first weekend in May

● Professional Panel:
○ Jacelyn is in talks with Christina Devereaux to put together an Alumni Panel to

present in one of her special topics classes focusing on Professional Identity Building. Jacelyn and Christina will work together to create a panel of 3-4 diverse members. This panel will be a little different than past panels, so Jacelyn and Christina will work together to meet the needs of the class.

● Fall 2020 CE Event:
○ Jacelyn reached out to Brenda Dixon-Gottshild to offer a CE; however she is

currently unavailable for the Spring. She is interested in joining us in Fall 2020 for a CE on the Black Aesthetic and the Black body in dance. Jacelyn will confirm in Spring or Summer.

● Video Hosting:
○ Jacelyn created a YouTube Channel for our CE videos. The YouTube Channel is

connected to the gmail account, so both Programming and Secretary can access it through the gmail account. Jacelyn is having difficulty uploading the Trauma Panel Video, will continue to work on that. Jacelyn will draft an email upon completion of the YouTube Channel and send to Lauren for distribution.

Public Relations Report:

  • ●  Added followers on Instagram

  • ●  164 “likes” on Facebook

  • ●  5 DMTs featured on social media

o Discussion on who we can reach out to for features
o Dawn suggests including student members, possibly our two student


  • ●  Pittsburgh has a Facebook page now “PGH DMT”

  • ●  Send upcoming events for the website

    Government Affairs:

● Thank you to those who sent briefs for Art Advocacy Day - March 30-31, 2020

○ Scholarship recipients were announced

  • ●  Three new chapter GACs were elected as representatives - D.C, New Jersey, California

  • ●  Clarification on Act 76 requirements regarding accrual of supervised practice hours post

    coursework, but without thesis completion - for state licensure

○ Beth is awaiting response from the PA State Board

Secretary Report:

  • ●  End of the month email is scheduled to go out Wednesday, 1/29/20, is there anything that

    anyone would like to include?
    o Jacelyn - YouTube channel
    o Board meeting minutes
    o Events from website
    o New office phone, email and address

  • ●  February email
    o “Be on the lookout for emails from nominations committee”

    Treasury Report:

● Robust treasury, estimated $3,000

President Report:
● Diversity Update

○ President ideas:

  • Offer space to discuss a topic, following or preceding a board meeting

  • How do we do the outreach?

  • Create an invitation to help us understand what is needed for the PA


    • ●  Send separately from monthly email

    • ●  Jacelyn, Lauren and Beth will connect regarding wording

      ○ Treasury ideas:

■ More intentional regarding raffle prizes and performances tailored toward

● Cherry Street Pier Advocacy Event

○ Gathering was held with members of the community who are interested in participating

  • Application for presentation

  • In some way, our presentation must be experiential
    ○ Board agrees to discontinue PA ADTA alignment with this event

■ Workshops are still an option for individuals who are interested ● Other opportunities for community outreach

○ Drexel MA 1st year student’s non-profit - individuals can lead workshops
■ Dawn will gather clarification and information to share with membership

Pittsburgh Report:
● Nothing to report. Holiday gathering was canceled.

Next Board Meeting will be scheduled as the appropriate time approaches. The meeting will be held via Zoom.