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“Any man’s death diminishes me because I am involved in mankind” -Donne


Recent events have compelled us as a chapter to speak out against the multifaceted nature of racism in the United States. Racism is dehumanizing to everyone it touches.

The PA ADTA denounces any racist acts and believes that Black Lives Matter.  We understand that as a board comprised of white women, we play a role in perpetrating the racist and white supremacy agenda.  We vow to move forward through education, anti-racist work, and being better allies to the BIPOC in our chapter and beyond.  We strive as a Board to create a caring community, welcoming and respecting of diversity.   The PA Chapter Board is sorry if we have done any harm to any of our individual members.  The board vows to purposefully identify, discuss and challenge issues of race and color and the impact(s) they have on our organization, its systems, and its people.  We will also challenge ourselves to understand and correct any inequities we may discover and gain a better understanding of ourselves during this process.

We are launching our PA ADTA YouTube Channel!
Please check out the first two of our Professional Panels here!


The Mission Statement of the PA ADTA:

The purpose and aim of the Pennsylvania Chapter of the American Dance Therapy Association, Inc, shall be to

support and maintain high standards of the professional competence among dance/movement therapists, by

a) promoting the education and training of dance/movement therapists,

b) serving as a communication liaison between the Association and the membership, and

c) advocating on behalf of the field and membership at the levels of licensure and government affairs.

The Chapter will also endeavor to provide avenues of communication among dance/movement therapists and

those persons working in related fields and to increase the general public’s awareness and acceptance of

dance/movement therapy.

Are you a member of the PA chapter yet?

Chapter fee membership is collected through the national American Dance Therapy Association (ADTA) during the annual renewal period every June. If you would like to join our membership now ($20/year), please contact the ADTA at
(518) 704-3636.

To become a national/chapter member please visit ADTA's website

Some of the benefits of chapter membership:

  • Connection and Community Support

  • Education and Professional Development (CEUs)

  • Stimulation

  • Network Opportunities

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Coming up: 

ADTA Conference 57

Renewed Connections: Dance/Movement Therapy Fostering Community Healing


ADTA Act Now Initiative
Challenging White Supremacy Resources here 

Anti Racism Resources
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ADTA Resources during
Coronavirus Crisis
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Free embodied self care
and wellness
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Danceology: an open improvisation/conscious dance class
Meeting Second Sundays at 10am at RIZE Movement + Arts Center!
Please email for a link.

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